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Downloading all photographs from your gallery



Here's how to to download all the full resolution images files from your gallery:

1. Go to your gallery which will be on the website here:

2. The gallery will open in thumbnail view, which is shown below

3. Move your cursor to the buttons on the top right, and then click on 'Select Photos', which is highlighted with the red circle in the screen shot below.

4. Once you have clicked 'Select Photos' a 'Download' button will appear, which is highlighted with the red circle in the screen shot below.

5. Click 'Download' and a new window will appear, with an option to 'Download entire gallery', again highlighted with a red circle in the screen shot below, click the 'Download entire gallery' button and your browser will start downloading all the photos.

6. All the images will download onto your computer into a single zip file, with the same name as the gallery.

Note: The download will probably take a little while, assuming you have a lot of images to download, so in the meantime you may wish to make yourself a cup of tea. Also you may wish to connect your computer via an ethernet cable rather than WiFi, as you will be less likely to loose your connection while you are downloading the images.