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<a href= They are mainly American women and half of them visit the forum daily. Most of them are white (50%), followed by Asians (36%). They tend to be over 35 years old and have an annual income of between $100,000 and $200,000. Many of them own authentic handbags , but they love imitations just as much and are not ashamed to own them. Indeed, they feel a certain pride knowing that they have bought, at a bargain price, a knock-off that is barely distinguishable from an original costing several thousand dollars. Their favorite brands are Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Hermès.
According to a survey created by its administrator, these are the women of RepLadies , a Reddit sub-forum with more than 200,000 female users created in 2016. Today, RepLadies is the internet’s largest forum for counterfeit lovers. Women compare good fakes with authentic products, make reviews of their recent purchases, post links to interesting products they have found while browsing, give each other tips to avoid falling for scams; they even help each other to communicate with sellers in other languages.

Reviews are the most particular sub-genre within this forum, as they have acquired a language of their own and are written following meticulous publishing standards: they include information about the seller (name, phone number or contact method and location), available payment method and order timeline (from the time one of the buyers
contacts the seller until she receives her purchase). The review also includes photographs of the imitation bag and the original. Finally, it provides a brief analysis of the quality of the bag, the accuracy of the imitation and the reviewer’s satisfaction with their purchase. RepLadies is so popular that some sellers give them a discount: “I mentioned RepLadies and received a 10% discount,” said one user in a review of a Chanel knockoff. RepLadies also has its own glossary and acronym guide, where AE stands for AliExpress, ISO stands for In Search Of or MIF stands for Made In France and, of course, Rep stands for Replica.</a>
asdasd sad(non-registered)فارکس/فارکس-و-تسویه-سود-یا-مالیات-در-فارکس/سرمایه-گذاری/چگونه-و-برای-سرمایه-گذاری-پول-در-سال-2020-چط/τι-είναι-αυτό/զգացմունքները-դեմո-հաշվի-և-իրական-հաշ/ում-ներդրումներ-կատարելու-ռիսկ-խարդ/מט-ח/סיפורים-על-אנשים-שהשקיעו-בשוק-הפורקס/מט-ח/התפלגות-שוורים-ודובים-בפורקס/ローン/車、家、車を保証する最も安い方法はどこですか/外国為替/外国為替プラットフォームのデモの使用方法は?/القروض/ما-هي-أفضل-الودائع-المصرفية؟-ترتيب-الو/كسب/كيف-تعمل-عبر-الإنترنت-من-المنزل-على-الك/ऋण/सूक्ष्म-ऋण-और-payday-ऋण-की-रैंकि/적립/제휴-프로그램에서-적립하는-방법은-무엇입니까/јe-promene-mozhete-da-ochekuјete-tokom-rada/ตัวเลือกไบนารี/จะชำระภาษีต่างประเทศจา/การลงทุน/การกระจายการลงทุนของกอ/外汇/外汇经纪人排名。什么是最好的外汇经纪人?/
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